How to Make Fun Paintings With Glowing Lights Using Your Camera

Light painting is a fun way of using light as a brush to paint your creations! Its a fairly easy technique which is not just fun to do but can give you some amazing results. All you need to light paint are:1. A basic DSLR camera (or mid-level point and shoot capable of long exposures)
2. A Tripod (or a flat surface where you can keep the camera steady)
3. One or more light sources: Torches, LED lights or sparkling sticks. Experiment with different light sources and you would be amazed at the results you get.

And of course, a dark or a semi dark place to shoot the painting. If you have a dark drape in handy use it as a backdrop.Now for the steps:a) Set the camera on the tripod and increase the shutter speed to 1/10 or so. If your camera supports even slower shutter speeds try going lower. (A 1 sec. or a 2 sec. SS gives ample time for you to draw to your hearts content!)b) I recommend using the “Self Timer” option to reduce the shake while manually clicking the photo. It also allows you to get into position with your torch.c) Use the torch like a brush and paint in mid air. You can switch on and switch off to get dots, or “paint” with the torch on to get lines. You can also try suspending the torch and setting it in motion to get elliptical patterns. Use your creativity here.

These steps are just a starting point for you to start exploring the possibilities of light painting. Unleash your creativity and you will have some magical pictures in your fold.


Features of VPS Hosting

VPS or virtual private server is a method of splitting a server into parts in order to give users a virtual dedicated environment. It bridges the gap between a shared web hosting and dedicated hosting servers. This gives users independence from other users and can run their own operating system at a cost much lesser than that of operating a physical dedicated server.Since operating a VPS is charge on a fixed bit rate the user cannot exceed his monthly budget.VPS is for those who cannot afford dedicated server but need most of the features of a dedicated web server like installing custom software. Its for clients who are not ready to share the same system with other websites and who need more resources in terms of CPU and RAM. Using a VPS also give the users administrative powers. Like in a dedicated server in VPS also is free from the problem of slow loading of websites.Unlike a dedicated hosting server VPS is a virtual server partitioned by a software. Even though it acts as a standalone server in reality its still a shared sever. It’s the software that isolates different partitions. VPS servers can offer as smaller resources depending on the requirement.Hosting a website will require only a shared server or a VPS. Dedicated hosting servers are required only in case of immensely popular sites where volume of network traffic is very high. In case of a new website it can be hosted initially on a VPS and then when it becomes very popular it can be shifted to a dedicated server if need arises.